Payroll compliant in 26 countries from a single database. Integrates with all other modules and offers deep, custom reporting with individual or consolidated views of all geographies where you pay staff. Payroll accounting entries (debits and credits) are automatically created by our powerful payroll module.


Payroll Verification

Enables you to share responsibility for checking calculated payroll amounts with authorised personnel. After you calculate pay, this integrated module sends payroll data with comments to nominated authorisers for review, approval or rejection. 

Self Service

Self Service transforms the HR function by moving time intensive, administrative tasks away from HR or Payroll and directly empowering your staff.

Mobile HR

As the workforce continues to mobilise and become increasingly distributed, access to critical employee and personal information is vital for an engaged and productive workforce. Mobile HR makes this data available anytime and anywhere 24/7.

Claims and Expenses

Process employee claims and integrate seamlessly with our payroll module, to provide flexible expense management.

Multiple Contracts

Administer multiple employment contracts (with different pay rates or leave accrual rules) independently of each other and process their payments together.